The present reprint, Zoroastrian Civilization From the Earliest Times to the Downfall of the Last Zoroastrian Empire – 651 A.D. by Dr Maneckji Nusserwanji Dhalla covers a vast swathe of history, from the Avestan to the Pahlavi periods and further into the the age of Arab or Moslem writers.

The author has successfully coordinated, wherever possible, the cultural movements of the different periods of Zoroastrian civilization, from the Pishdadian to the Sasanian eras. The author’s footnotes and references will be of great help to scholars studying these important centuries.

A liberal donation from the Zartoshty Brothers (Faridoon and Mehraban) of Vancouver made this reprint  possible. 

This book is priced at US$60.00, inclusive of air-mail postage, packing, handling and bank charges.