Dr James Hope Moulton, D.Lit (Lond.); Hon. D.D. (Edinburgh, Berlin and Groningen); Hon. D.C.L. (Durham),  was one of three scholars who visited India in 1915, to spend a year studying some of the problems of education and religion in the country, while lecturing on their chosen subjects. Dr Moulton had studied the religion of the Parsis and he now had the opportunity to interact with the community. He was warmly received and a large theatre had to be hired to hold the numerous persons who wished to hear him speak.  In fact, his lectures were so popular that they were later published in English, with a Gujarati translation.

Dr Moulton was a fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. He also held the position of Greenwood Professor of Hellenistic Greek and Indo-European Philology at Manchester University.

This book forms part of The Religious Quest of India series edited by J N Farquhar, M.A., D.Litt. (Oxon) and H D Griswold, M.A., Ph.D. It was first published in 1917 and reprinted in 2006, thanks to a munificent donation from the Zartoshty Bros. (Faridoon & Meherban) Fund.

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