The late Prof Dr Karl F Geldner (1852 – 1929) is known among Zoroastrians through his monumental edition of the Avesta. This present work, is the second, revised and enlarged edition of his contribution to  Bertholet’s Religions Geschichtliches Lesebuch.

The translation was undertaken by Dr. Jehangir C. Tavadia, Lecturer, University of Hamburg.  This was first published in Journal No.24 of the K R Cama Oriental Institute in 1933 and later, as a publication of the Institute.

This book is a collection of the translations of select passages from Zoroastrian scriptures, beginning with the Gathas and ending with some selected passages from the Vendidad. The Gatha verses pertain to several topics, including Dualism of the Two Spirits, Devs or Demons, False Preachers, Zarathustra’s Mission, Heaven and Hell, the Final Universal Judgement, etc.

Between the Gathas and the Vendidad, the author has translated passages from the later Yasnas and some of the Yashts – passages pertaining to the Angels Sarosha and Anahita, the Fravashis, the Haoma Plant, etc.

Both scholars and lay persons would benefit from this book.

This reprint was made possible through a magnanimous donation received from the Zartoshty Bros. (Faridoon and Mehraban) Fund.

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