The Dâsatîr is a book consisting of a collection of sixteen sacred revelations said to have descended from heaven upon sixteen ancient Persian prophets in an unknown language called, out of respect, The Language of Heaven.  In this paper, the author compares briefly some historical, doctrinal and linguistic points of the Dasatir with those of the genuine Zoroastrian writings in various languages. For the reader who wishes to know the detailed contents of the Dâsatîr, an appendix is provided.

This paper on the Dâsatîr was prepared by Sheriyarji Dadabhai Bharucha for the Tenth International Congress of Orientalists held in Geneva in 1894. The paper was first published in 1907 and was reprinted in 2006 thanks to a liberal donation from the Zartoshty Brothers (Faridoon and Mehraban) Fund.



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