Kavasji Edalji Kanga successfully vied for the prize offered in 1892 for compilation of a complete dictionary of all the words occurring in the Avesta texts. This book is reprint of his monumental work first published in 1900.

The book comprises, in addition to the meanings, a comparison, wherever practicable, of Avesta words with those of Pahlavi, Sanskrit, Persian and Latin and all the inflected forms of verbs, nouns – substantive and adjective, pronouns and participles and references as to where they occur.

Kavasji Edalji Kanga was a Fellow of the University of Bombay and the Headmaster of the Moola Feeroze Madressa. He also prepared authoritative translations of the Khordeh Avesta, the Vendidad, the Yasna, the Visperad and the Gathas. He authored A Practical Grammar of the Avesta Language, compared with Sanskrit.


A liberal donation from the Zartoshty Brothers (Faridoon and Mehraban) Fund made it possible to reprint  this important work in 2003.


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