The Transliteration and translation into English of the Pahlavi Vendidad was undertaken by Mr Behramgore Tehmurasp  Anklesaria, Former Principal, Sir Jamsetji Jejeebhoy Zarthsti Madressa and Mulla Feeroze Madressa, Bombay. Mr Anklesaria died in 1944 and the final editing of this monumental work was carried out by Mr Dinshah D Kapadia,  a keen student of the Avesta and Pahlavi languages as well as mathematics and allied sciences.

This edition of the Pahlavi Vendidad which was first printed in 1949, remains the first of its kind in English and is the complete Pahlavi version of the Avesta Vendidad. The work has been in much demand among scholars and hence the decision to reprint it in 2002 to make it more accessible.

A liberal donation from the Zartoshty Brothers (Faridoon and Mehraban) of Vancouver made this reprint  possible. 

This book is priced at US$60.00, inclusive of air-mail postage, handling, packing and bank charges.