Mr. G K Nariman, Joint Hon. Secretary of the K R Cama Oriental Institute during the first quarter of the 20ht century, wrote: “Dasturji Cursetji Pavri, though advanced in age, occupies a position midway between the purblind orthodox and the extreme wing of radical reformers among the Parsis. Born in 1859, he has maintained remarkably independent views for an ordained Zoroastrian priest.”

Dasturji Cursetji Erachji Pavri in the preface to his book, Iranian Studies, writes: “This volume is the outcome of an earnest wish expressed again and again by my distinguished colleagues in Europe and America and my numerous Parsi friends, that some of my Gujarati writings be made available to a much larger and interested public in English.”

A  liberal donation from the Zartoshty Brothers (Faridoon and Mehraban) of Vancouver made this reprint  possible. 

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