Journal No.54 (84 pages, 1987)

 This issue of the K R Cama Oriental Institute Journal contains eight articles by five distinguished scholars.

The first article by Dasturji Dr H K Mirza deals with the Pahlavi word Nipadmišnīh and its variations in different texts. His second paper in this issue is on the much discussed subject of Zoroastrian Dualism. The author deals with ethical dualism and physical dualism, both of which can be established by philological and literary evidence.

The following paper by Prof M F Kanga reviews the work of Prof Richard Frye on the history of ancient Iran. The latter points out that there are relatively few histories of Iran down to the Arab conquest. The former notes that Prof Frye’s book moves easily and authoritatively over the entire field of Iranian studies from the earliest beginnings to the Arab conquest. In this review, Prof Kanga provides a fine analysis of the book, “The History of Ancient Iran.”

 The next article by Dr H E Eduljee titled “Parsees and the Portuguese in 17th Century Gujarat” is an informative piece that emphasises the good communications that existed between the Parsees and the Portuguese authorities at that time.

Mr Cherag Ali Azmi is the author of the next  article on the Payghambarān Mountain Temple which is said to contain the earthly remains of a Prophet named Sindalum.

The final three papers in this issue are by Dr J R Russell of Columbia University. In the first of his articles titled “Our Father Abraham and the Magi,” he notes that Jews lived and prospered under the three Zoroastrian empires, viz. The Achaemenians, the Parthians and the Sasanians. The second article,“Mahmi Reconsidered” deals with the demon Mahmi and the nīrang-e-hājat o maqsūd xwāstan or the spell of asking a wish for something sought. The final article, “An Irano-Judaic Correspondence” is an interesting piece.

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