Journal No.55 (206 pages;1988)

This issue of the K R Cama Oriental Institute Journal contains articles pertaining to Iranian myth, the winged disc and fravashi, and the traditions of a village in Iran.

Dr H E Eduljee deals with the legend of Freton (Av. Thraetaona) in his paper titled “The Myth of Thraetaona and the Legend of Feridun.” In the Denkard we read of a fight between this king and the demons of Mazendaran in which the former vanquishes them through the instrumentality of a hot and cold wind emanating from his nostrils. This legend about a hero who could kill by his breath is of great interest and throws light on the history of the practice of respiratory exercises in Iran.

The next two papers by Dr Paul du Breuil deal with Ahura Mazda and the Fravahar: Symbolism and Iconography. The first articles titled “The Lights and Veils of Lord Ahura Mazda” deals with the winged disc. This paper provides for detailed notes and an extensive bibliography.

The second paper titled “The Fravahar, Banner of Zoroastrianism” discusses the role of thefravashis.

Dr Cheragh Ali Azami has contributed two thoughtful articles to this issue. “The Sangesari Calendar” details the ancient customs followed in Sangesar in Iran. The second article is on the “Parmagar Fire Temple.”

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