This issue of the Institute’s journal carries four well-researched articles.

 Clarence Fernandes is an established technical translator of numerous languages into English. He has a reading knowledge of about thirty languages. He is particularly interested in pre-Islamic Iran, ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Greece. His paper, Greek Reports on the Achaemenid Empire Regarding Exploration, Bridge Building and Astronomy, focuses on certain achievements during Achaemenid rule (522 B.C. to 330 B.C.) Contemporary Greek sources have been used, backed up, where possible, by Achaemenid sources.

Dr. Varsha S Shirgaonkar is Reader and Head, Department of History, Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai . Her extensive study of tokens (taanks) of Maharashtra and their usage for deity, ancestor and animal worship and for talismanic purposes and vastushanti is encapsulated in  a very interesting paper, Tokens of Maharashtra in Socio-religious perspectives.  Dr. Shirgaonkar has published four books, includingSocial Reforms in Maharashtra and V N Mandlik (1989.) She is the co-author of The Gazatteer Department Volume on Maharashtra – Land and People (1996.) She has published twenty papers in academic journals, both in India and abroad.

 Dr. Nishigandha Wad completed her doctorate from the University of Bombay. Her subject wasChanging Role of Women in Society – Reflections from Marathi and British Theatre for the period 1900 to 1970. In this issue of the journal, Dr. Wad presents a thoughtful article titled Women’s War on Men’s World.  This excerpt from her doctoral dissertation is an attempt to guage and assesses the changing role of women in Maharashtrian society, in particular.

 Dr. Preeta Nilesh is a Reader in history at the Vinayak Vaze College of Arts and Science, Mumbai. Her doctoral dissertation was on Law and Social Changes in 20th Century Bombay: Four Judicial Cases.  She has published a number of research papers in reputed academic publications. This issue of the jounasl carries a well-researched article by Dr. Nilesh titled The Maharaja Libel Case: Gleanings from the Oriental Christian Spectator.  She examines this libel case from the perspective of a Christian journal which is an important source for the socio-cultural history of the 19th century.


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