The Pahlavi text of Zand-I Khūrtak Avistāk was critically edited with a thoughtful introduction, by ErvadBomanji Nassarwanji Dhabhar, M.A., an erudite scholar of old Iranian languages, in 1927. The K R Cama Oriental Institute invited scholars to compete for a prize by undertaking a critical study of the seven Yasts appearing in Ervad Dhabhar’s text. Not meeting with any success in this endeavor, the Governing Body of the Institute then assigned the task in 1939 to Ervad Dhabhar. This ultimately led to an excellent translation of the Zand-I Khūrtak Avistāk, along with exhaustive footnotes explaining the meaning of each important word used in the text, also giving references to other Pahlavi texts where the word in question was used.

This reprint was made possible as a result of a munificent donation received from the Zartoshty Bros. (Faridoon and Mehraban) Fund.

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