The Laws of the Ancient Persians as found in The Matikan e Hazar Datastan or The Digest of a Thousand Points of Law Translated with Introduction, Glossary and Index by Mr Sorhab Jamshedjee Bulsara was first published in 1937, although the work was actually completed in 1914.

The reader will discover the treasure of human wisdom and good Iranian practical sense which permeate the thousands of legal points which are dealt with in these pages. This work has many references to a great work of codified law, Datastan Namak or Book of Laws. Other legal treatises and codes are also referred to extensively and statutes and decrees passed by the imperial legislature are also mentioned. Some of the important topics covered in this book are the Value of Religion, Limits of Knowledge, Matters relating to Lawyers, Property, Payment of Liabilities, Marriage Laws, Trust Laws, Partnership, Administration of Estates, Inheritance, Adoption Rights, etc.

This reprint was made possible through a magnanimous donation received from the Zartoshty Bros. (Faridoon and Mehraban) Fund.


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