It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword to the published version of a series of weekly online video talks which were delivered by Dr Farokh Erach Udwadia during the height of the Covid pandemic in Mumbai.

These talks have been transcribed into written language with the help of technology and have been further edited.

As Dr Udwadia aptly says, “it was the worst of times” and it was remarkable that the great humanitarian doctor that he is, took up the task of healing and educating through online lectures which he delivered weekly during this period.

Indeed, the title of the book “Snippets In The Time Of Covid” uniquely sets the theme of discerning love, heroism and selflessness as shown by the medical fraternity as also by ordinary people in the midst of death in the tragic times of the Covid 19 pandemic.

All pandemics have to end and so we believe will the Covid 19 pandemic.

I am sure this publication will be much appreciated by our readers as a ray of hope and courage which will continue to inspire us through the ongoing pandemic and thereafter.