Journal No.60 (1995: 135 pages)

This issue of the K R Cama Oriental Institute Journal contains two well researched papers.

Dr Homi Eduljee who was associated with the Institute both as a Joint Honorary Secretary and as a Trustee for many years, presents an interesting article on “Rustom Maneck and his Sons: Brokers of Surat.” Although a chemical engineer by training, Dr Eduljee had a deep interest in Indo-Iranian and Zoroastrian Studies.

Rustom Maneck was among the earliest Parsi pioneers who by dint of his abilities made a great impact upon the foreign traders and local rulers in his area of operation.  The article with its wealth of detail, amply demonstrates the painstaking research on the subject undertaken by Dr Eduljee.


Mr Keki Shroff, in his paper titled “The Zoroastrian Calendar: An Overview” has analysed the various aspects of the subject including a historical overview.


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