Jāveδān Xraδ – Some Fragments of the Eternal Wisdom of Aosnara the Wise which are extant in Parsig (Pahlavi), Arabic and Persian by Dr Rahm Asha (2011) 137 pages.

There are two parallel traditions as regards the oldest book of the wistom literature of the Parsis: one attributes it to the counsellor of a king, the wise Aosnara. The other attributes it to King Haosyayha.

The author suggests that the confussion of the name Aosnara (Pers: Hosnar) with that of Haosyayha (Pers: Hosang) has created these two different traditions. The Jāveδān Xraδ was in fact the Parsig Sophia Prenniscollected under the name of Aosnara.

This book is a collection of all sayings attributed to Aosnara or quoted from the Jāveδān Xraδ.


Dr Raham Asha is a research scholar whose studies on Persa-Aryan linguistics often involve the reconstruction of the conceptual universe of the Mazdayasnians. The books written by him include The Cosmic Doctrine of the Magi (1995), The Medical Doctrine of the Magi  (1995), The Significance of the Sacred Girdle (2005) andAvesta Glossary (2009).