Journal No. 53 (142 pages; 1986)

 This volume contains the transcripts of two lecture series delivered at the K R Cama Oriental Institute


Prof  Kaikhosrov D Irani, Professor of Philosophy, City College, City University of New York, delivered the Government Fellowship Lectures in 1981 on The Philosophy of Religion and Zoroastrian Thought. Transcripts of the four lectures in this series were revised by the author and are presented here, as follows:

  • Conceptual Transformation in Early Religious Thought,
  • The Development of Zoroastrian Thought and Comparative Theology,
  • The Philosophy of Zoroastrianism and its Relation to other Traditions, and
  • Religious Justification and Contemporary Knowledge.

Prof Irani traces the evolution of religious beliefs in the more mature faiths, with special reference to Zoroastrianism. His lucid style which follows a logical sequence makes for very readable articles.

Dr James R Russell, Assistant Professor of Ancient Iranian History, Columbia University, delivered the Government Fellowship Lectures in 1984 on Zoroastrianism as the State Religion of Ancient Iran. Transcripts of the four lectures are presented here, as follows:


  • Holy Sovereignty: Yima’s failure and Zarathustra’s Reform,
  • Kavi Vistaspa and Arjuna: Political Necessity and Sacred Duty,
  • The Achaemenian Raj
  • The Advocacy of the Poor: The Maligned Sasanian Order.

Dr Russel takes the reader from the reign of Yima Kshaeta, popularly known as Jamshid, to the downfall of the Sasanian Empire. The subject matter is dealt with in a historical, comparative and analytical manner. The author critically evaluates older sources that have proved to be the basis of many unfounded allegations against the various Persian empires.


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