Journal No.52 (245 pages; 1985)

 This issue contains two papers, both of which are dissertations submitted in part fulfilment of the degree requirements at the Faculty of Theology, University of Manchester. Both authors have studied under the eminent scholar, Professor John R Hinnels.

David Charles Mellor is the author of the first article on The Parliamentary Life of Dadabhoy Naoroji. This piece covers a ten-year period, from 1885 to 1895 and details in depth the rise of the intelligentsia and their organised demand for political reform, within which framework Dadabhoy Naoroji was elected a member of the British Parliament. Mr Mellor analyses Dadabhoy’s direct influence on the Indian National Congress, his struggles for a Parliamentary seat, his work as an M.P. and the effect of his success on Indian nationalism.

The second article is by Candida Monk and is titled “The Parsis and the Emergence of the Indian National Congress.” The author details the role played by Parsis in the early political associations of Bombay and the Indian National Congress.  The article also notes the contribution of prominent community members such as Dadabhoy Naoroji, Phirosha Mehta and Dinshaw Edulji Vatcha. The author states that the aim of the article is to view the Parsi involvement within the emerging class of western educated Indians and their prominence, although a minority group, in political affairs.

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