Journal No. 58 (60 pages; 1992)

This issue of the K R Cama Oriental Institute Journal contains papers by three eminent scholars.


 Professor Emeritus Richard N Frye, Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies at Harvard University, delivered a set of lectures at the K R Cama Oriental Institute in May 1991. A synopsis of his first lecture on “New Views on the Homeland of the Indo-Europeans” is reproduced here. In this presentation, the author discusses the theories propounded by Dr Mary Boyce, Ivanov and A K  Narain. A synopsis of the second lecture in the series, titled “Zoroastrians in Central Asia in Ancient Times” is also reproduced here. This paper deals with the homeland and the dates pertaining to Prophet Zoroaster and examines the hypothesis of Dr Boyce and Shapur Shahbazi.

The third paper on “The Glory and the Victory” by Farrokh J Vajifdar, considers at length the concept of khwarrah ‘glory, fortune, splendour’ as espoused in the Yasht literature andthe later middle-Persian writings.

The final paper in this volume is on “Persepolis as Japan’s Destination” by Shahab Setudeh-Nejad. It undertakes to discover the origins of any probable links between ancient Japan and West Asia, particularly the Parthian and Sassanian periods in Iran. This paper is an is an examination of probable similarities between two comparative Eastern civilisations which have not been assessed from the standpoint of their common ideals as assimilators of diverse backgrounds.

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