Mrs. Mitha J Lam was a remarkable lady who lived during the period prior to Indian Independence. She did pioneering work in the fields of education and women’s suffrage and strove to improve the living conditions of the poor.

She had many firsts to her credit. !n1919 she was the first lady enrolled as a barrister from India. In 1924 she became the first lady to be allowed to practice law in a High Court in India. In 1947, she had the distinction of becoming the first lady in India to hold the post of Sheriff.

Working tirelessly with other eminent ladies like Mrs. Sarojini Naidu and Mrs. Annie Besant, she was in the forefront of the movement that ultimately gave Indian women suffrage on the same terms as men.

She was a member of the committee to amend the Parsi Marriage Act of 1896 which was finally passed as The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act of 1936.

It is rare to find ladies of the generation and genre who have taken the time to pen their autobiographies. Autumn Leaves is one such rare effort. The K. R. Cama Oriental Institute is privileged to be able to publish this work which has hitherto remained unknown for many years.

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